Thursday, August 02, 2007

Two More Lousy Church Signs

In the absence of being particularly inspired to write anything of any substance, not to mention that my brain has felt like Jello since our son was born (so it isn't necessarily a lack of inspiration but rather inability) I continue to offer more local church signs that egregiously undermine the Christian message.

This one was spotted on a UMC church sign:
I guess there is a multiplicity of messages inherent here. Perhaps we should trust God simply because it says it, right there on the dollar bill (whatever the denomination). Perhaps trusting God is just as secure as "money in the bank." Perhaps there is some patriotism here that we should cling to, that the God of America is better than, say, the God of any other particular geographical region, as if God plays favorites. Or perhaps we should just ignore this sign altogether. That seems to be the wisest course of action.

And this one is for all you Arminians out there. Or Calvinists. Or, phooey, I don't know, I just cannot seem to understand this sign.
God's will is imperfect without you.
This one reminds me of the tired, old, "What's missing in CH_ _CH?" sign. If you can make heads or tails out of this one, please let me know, I'm dying to find out!


selahV said...

now those are just plain stupid.

Tony..what is it with you men and firstborn sons? Brad Reynolds went awol after his Kelton and now your mind is jello. :) It's great to see the great and powerful become so enamored with their sons. Wonder how God felt when His only begotten was born. selahV

Tony said...

I concur; just plain stupid.

Well, to be technically correct, my brain was Jello before Michael got here, but I was playing a good game, though, huh?

And yes, I'm a bit enamored. No apologies, there!

selahV said...

well as long as your jello becomes liquid on Sundays, I suppose jello is okay during the week and on blogs. selahV