Friday, August 10, 2007

Some More Lousy Church Signs

I know, I should consecrate a blog just for lousy church signs! These are HORRIBLE!
Do you have a G P S?

God's Plan of Salvation
For those who aren't techno-savvy, a GPS is a Global Positioning System. They are small, electronic devices that communicate with a geographical satellite to let you know your position literally anywhere on the planet. I would hazard to guess that out here in Mayberry, most folks just would not get the connection. (I mean, I post on DIAL-UP.) Got to realize your audience, folks!

The second one is one of these, "you think its hot here" signs. Temperatures soared into the mid 100's here yesterday, so the framers of this sign must have thought it apropos, though I just haven't wrapped my brain around the significance of the number yet. I post it as it is on the sign. Any ideas?
Hell is 539 deg hot.
Funny, funny stuff!


selahV said...

Tony, you need to seek counseling. lol. are you using Visine each time you see one of these signs? :) selahV

Tony said...

You're probably right on the counseling part; I at least probably need to up my dosage.

I have NO CLUE what that sign means! The significance of the number nor why it is in red!!! I even went through every NT book with a fifth chapter and a thirty-ninth verse to see if possibly one might match up to give some kind of indication what in the world they're talking about.

Yet another church sign principle: enigmas do not work well on church signs. I get it...Visine...gets the red out. The number is in red...LOL! Sorry, it took me a few seconds!

Cameron Cloud said...

The amazing thing is some people love these kinds of messages.

Did they pick a number at random? Or have they actually been there with a thermometer?

One of these days, I 'm going to break out the book the church sign company sent me when we got our sign. It has a complete section of suggested church signs. Hooo, boy!

Tony said...


Yeah, some folks love these kinds of sings. Why? I don't know.

I don't understand the significance of 539 in red. Maybe it is random, but if someone actually went there and took a reading, I would love to know how they got back. It might revolutionize the way we do ministry, huh?