Monday, August 27, 2007

Lousier and Lousier...

While in Richmond, I spotted a church sign that made me laugh out loud after my initial thought. My oldest daughter thought it was right funny, too.
Play it Safe
Take God on Vacation
Yeah, but how do you get Him to fit in the suitcase?

This one was found in town. Sound bytes are our culture's way of communication now and though nothing is inherently wrong with the sign, even being theologically correct, it aggravates me nonetheless. It sounds like a lazy preacher's Saturday night special.
Life is Short.
Death is Sure.
Sin is the Cause.
Jesus is the Cure.
And if you take 3 nails and add 1 cross you get 4-given. Lord, deliver us from church sign lunacy.


elder's wife said...

Hi Tony-
Amazing how we can trivialize truth! That second one (Life is short...) sounds like something written in an old autograph book or school annual.
btw-How did those back-to-back sermons go on Friday?

Tony said...


Yeah, my sentiments exactly on that particular sign. My previous post was my report on my trip to Banner Christian School. Instead of rewriting, how 'bout I direct you there? Thanks! Blessings...