Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Pastor Got "Creamed"

And thus, Vacation Bible School comes to an end.

Each year during Bible School, there is a contest between the boys and girls to see who can raise the most offering. If the boys give the most, the VBS director gets a pie in the face; if the girls give the most, then yours truly gets the pie. Its funny how every summer the girls give the most (I think the contest is rigged, personally). This year, the VBS director had the great idea you see below in lieu of the yearly pie. Given that our theme was Lifeway's "Game Day" all of the offering, a few cents shy of $300, went to the county Special Olympics. All in great fun!


Streak said...

I don't remember anything quite like this at VBS, certainly don't remember raising money for Special Olympics.

Well done.

Tony said...

Thanks, Streak.

Each year we send the offering somewhere we would not normally collect an offering for. Last year we sent money to the local cancer society. The year before that there was an Arctic theme so I found a children's home in Alaska near the Arctic Circle to send the offering. They were floored. I thought that was pretty cool.

Streak said...

Yeah, that IS pretty cool. And a good example of what church can do. Thanks, Tony, for reminding me that it can work that way.

Raborn Johnson said...

Nice job! Love the pictures! So cool to see the church team up with others who are helping people. :)

Tony said...

Thanks, Raborn.

I think the church should team up with others--Christian or not--in the job of looking after those less fortunate.

How's mandolin practice?

Gordon Cloud said...

We did this at our church, too, this year, but my VBS director and her husband offered to be the targets of the pie.

I gladly accepted their offer.

Tony said...


I would have gladly forgone my opportunity to be creamed. Last year, it was worked out that the boys and girls tied, so the VBS director and I simultaneously received pies.

BTW, whip cream stinks after about fifteen minutes. That stuff ain't meant to be applied in the hot sun.