Sunday, August 12, 2007

Official "I've Been Blogging a Year" Post

It seems after you have been blogging a year, it is obligatory to commemorate the event with an official post. So this is mine with a few musings about this journey, a journey I have enjoyed immensely. Today marks the anniversary of my first post. Its not a big deal to most and I will forgo reposting some of my old posts as commemoration. Its like the audio visual guy once said about four years ago; "Hey, Tony, I've got some old tapes of your sermons I am planning on throwing out. Do you want them?" Are you kidding me? Why would I want to listen to those? No way!!!

My first muse: don't expect everyone wants to read what you have to say. I expected the blog to blossom into some kind of ministry though not sure what that would look like at all. (My first post detailed that aspiration.) I don't post thematically enough, nor frequently or consistently enough really to warrant that. Plus, expecting certain posts to resonate with others is often too high an expectation. Just because something interests me doesn't mean others will be. The posts I thought would have received several comments usually molded; the ones I asked, "Why am I posting this?" generated a heavy response. Go figure. So, the blog is more of an outlet for me and a chance to make friends, grow a little, and be challenged.

Secondly: grow a thick skin. Blogging is not for the over-sensitive. I learned that quickly. There ought to be understood in good-natured debate an anticipation of passion and heated discourse without having to say over and over, "I apologize for x, y, and z." I learned to make my case, say it pointedly, not to expect the bloghost or fellow commenters to agree, and say it mannerly and courteously. Then move on.

Third: sometimes its best to say, "This isn't for me." This goes for my blog, too. I've gotten into my share of firefights. There are a plethora of opinions and I certainly have had to learn that it is better to exercise a bit of discernment and say, "This isn't for me" and move on.

Fourth: get to know bloggers before engaging them regularly. Drive-by commenters and the occasional blast from anonymous really annoy me. I think its best to try and get to know somebody first; drop a few positive comments before saying that what you think they wrote is the stupidest thing you have ever read.

Fifth: since I have been away from regular posting for a few weeks now since my son (!!!) was born, it has given me some much-needed time to think about blogging and the format I have grown accustomed to. I enjoy writing about ministry, theology, homeschooling, society and culture, contemporary Christianity, and faith and politics; a bit broad. Well, too broad. I have tried to cram too much into one blog and many of my regular readers and friends just do not know what to expect when they drop in. One of my goals for the blog has been that whenever someone drops in, that they know what they are here for. One blog has been too constricting to share all my thoughts. Some who expect theological ruminations show up on a day I have posted on faith's intersection with politics and it has hindered some from participating regularly. I don't want that!

I enjoy interacting with news articles, political machinations, and culture; basically where faith and society coincide. Plus, those comment threads tend to be pretty lively and I greatly enjoy the discussions (though some don't). So, whenever I post a response to a news article, a response to another blog post about faith and politics, or culture in general, I will use my new blog, ingeniously titled The Rambling Prophet 2. I am going to give it a try and see how it works. Perhaps this will help in expressing myself and I can write some quality stuff regarding theology and ministry here at The RP. Like a good friend from college used to say, "If the shoe fits, wear it. If it don't, kick it off and keep on goin'." I hope that you will update your blogrolls with this new blog, put it in your feeds as well as my old blog, and please, read and respond regularly.

I will continue to talk theology, ministry, church issues, and the occasional homeschooling post here at the Rambling Prophet (1?). My prayer is that both blogs will be challenging and prompt us to think more coherently about what it means to serve Him, in church and out. Moreover, both blogs will give me a better way to express myself, I think. I hope you will drop in!

To all you readers out there, thanks for a grand year.


elder's wife said...

I've enjoyed getting to know you and appreciate your heart for the Lord and for people. I wish you the best with the new blog!

rrbj said...

Bro. Tony,
Beings I am pure country and visited this blog several times I just wanted to tell you that it don't make me mad at all cause you give me something extra to read every morning , but you got to try and not dissappoint me ?

In fact if you even told me to shut up I would problay ignore you ! I certainly hope I didn't fall into any of them not-so-sociable catergories ?

Us Georgia Rednecks understand just about anything going on and it don't upset us nare bit! Sometimes we put our mouth in motion before we engage our brain ? We get mischevious ?

All in all we send you goodwishes on your 2nd blog ?


Earl said...


You've got a great blog. I enjoy what you write.

Les Puryear said...


Congrats on your anniversary. May the next year be even better.


Gordon Cloud said...

Congratulations, Tony. The blogging world is a better place because of your contribution to it.

God bless.

Tony said...


Likewise! Thanks for the well-wishes and it is always a pleasure to have you here. Hope to see you at The RP2!


I will do my dead-level best to deliver! I so appreciate your thoughts and comments. Don't worry, I'll never tell you to shut up; my momma raised me a bit better than that!


Where have you been??!!?? Long time, no see. Last time I checked your blog, you had gone out of business! Glad to see you back. Am I safe to stop back by Meta Schema?


Thanks brother.


Likewise, thank you. Your compliment is too kind.

Steve Sensenig said...

Congrats, Tony! I'm very glad you're not only in the blogosphere, but one of those blogging buddies I've actually had a chance to fellowship with in person!

I've already got RP2 in my RSS reader so I can follow you there, too.

Be blessed, brother!
steve :)

Cameron Cloud said...

Congratulations on your blogoversary, and good luck with your new addition. (and your new blog :) )

Tony said...


In a way, I owe a lot of this blogging thing to you! You were the first blogger I ever read, so like I said before, in a sense, you are my "blogfather."

Seriously, thanks for being a faithful reader and friend. It has been a joy and a blessing to get to know you. Looking forward to seeing you at both blogs now! Thanks!


Thanks! I appreciate your reading as well as the kind words you always have at Nephos. Thanks also as well for the link to the new blog! You, like your brother, are too kind! (Sorry, just couldn't resist!)

Earl said...


Yes, I was away for a while. I was busy starting a new business, which will keep me very busy at times.

MetaSchema is back in business. You're always welcome at my quirky place.

selahV said...

Tony, may I add my congratulations to you in your milestone. I think it takes a lot of staying power to write quality posts on a regular basis. I've enjoyed reading you and come here once or twice a day, sometimes more often to see what you're serving up for our conversational pleasure. So, now I'll have two sites to visit. I don't find much reading material on too many sites. Yours is worth my time. selahV

Tony said...

Amazing Grace Lady,

You are too kind. I appreciate your patronage of my blogs and your blog uplifts me as well. You have a ministry all the way from, well wherever it is you are from!!! (OK, I think???)

God bless you and I so appreciate those wonderful words of encouragement!