Friday, August 31, 2007


The new "worship center" church sign in town really turns my giggle box over, as my grandmother used to say.
Don't fit a big God in a small dream.
It sounds like a name it and claim it kind of thing to me. If you aren't receiving enough (or an abundance), then you are claiming too little.

Though the second one is simply an announcement on one of the local rural churches, I had a vision of dismembered kids flying everywhere (sorry, I do have a sick sense of humor sometimes).
Saturday August 25th
Back to School Youth Explosion!
Not to mention the sign is outdated, a no-no in all the church sign manuals.


Luke said...

With such enthusiasm that you have for church signs, perhaps you ought to consider proposing a motion at the next convention to do away with church signs completely ;) Usually, those things I abhor most I try to avoid. ESPECIALLY black-eyed peas! Here's to wishing for you either:
1. A day where all church signs are empty
2. A church sign that would so impress you as to leave you totally blessed!

Have a great weekend!

selahV said...

Tony, a big God is as good as a small god if the dream isn't His.
What does the world think when they read these things? Is it a hands across the cultural divide? Do we think we must have 20-second soundbites and clever quips to draw all men to HIM? oh could be worse. selahV

Tony said...


Hey, its good to see you back around. The last time I stopped by your blog there was a "Gone Fishin'" sign posted.

Though I do not share your disdain for purple-hull peas as they are called around these parts, I steer clear of lima beans.

I think such a motion at the SBC would be counterproductive, because then I would not have nearly as much fun blogging on church signs. I have resolved that the next really good sign I see, I'm going to post on it. Thanks for the well-wishes!


My thought is that when the world reads these things they think Christianity and the church just look dumb. At least, that is what some of my non-church going friends say.

selahV said...

I think you are right on this one, Tony. selahV