Sunday, June 24, 2007

Yet Another Lousy Church Sign

Seen on a charismatic church going out of town today:
Do you observe Sunday or Funday?
Oh yes--go ahead--insult non-believers and potential visitors. Yet again I am thankful the church I serve has no marquee sign.


Heather said...

Thanks to you Brandon and I have now begun church sign spotting ... we've seen quite a few funny/sad/irritating ones lately. Just last night:

Looking for a sign from God? Here it is!

*insert rolling eyes*


Tony said...

Cool! I have wanted to start a trend since high school!

Seriously, that sign is horrible!

Long, drawn out, s-i--g---h...

selahV said...

Heather, and Tony, why don't we start creating pithy sign messages? Write a book, 1000 Messages Worth Reading on a Church Marquee. It could be a compilation of multiple pastors and their wives. all proceeds could go to missions. selahV

Heather said...

SelahV -- sounds like a good idea. Brandon once took a picture of a sign with his phone and now I can't remember what it said, but I think we might have to start doing that ... makes it funnier to actually see them ;)


Tony said...

Mrs. V, I'm with Heather. That is a great idea. I wish I had thought of it. Do you think the church sign can be redeemed?

The way church signs have been misused I wonder if they are even worth using appropriately anymore. Most people (that I talk to) don't even notice them anymore because typically they have mundane, trite, or just stupid sayings on them; certainly not Christ-honoring.

When most people think church signs, they think gags or stupid jokes, not the Lord. They have become more of a punchline rather than a great first point of contact for potential visitors or a witnessing tool. I do not expect to see anything worth reading on a church sign anymore, except for blog fodder. :)

Geoff Baggett said...

I abhor the church signs. There must be some sort of book already out there, full of less than clever, trite statements. I've seen too many of them repeated on different signs in different locations.

I like the book idea. Why don't we all just carry our digital cameras with us? When we spot a stupid church sign, snap a photo, write some commentary, and save them for the project. I'm game. I'd like to start posting a few from time to time.


Tony said...


Long time, no see. I thought you had forgotten your way out here. I'll start having to leave a trail of bread crumbs when I comment at AtS. ;)

I think the book idea is great, too, but I think Mrs. V is looking for us to come up with pithy, witty, wise sayings instead of the lousy ones I have been posting.

I'll look forward to seeing how bad the church signs in KY can be. Who knows, maybe they get it right up there!

Thanks for dropping in.

selahV said...

This could be scary. You know? One man's steak is another man's hamburger. I have seen several signs that actually made me think about the Lord and my life. I'll have to start writing those down.

Sometimes you can take a bad sign and with some thought, reverse it's wisdom (ah hem) and come up with something great.

As far as our church sign? It's a big one on the side of a heavily trafficked area. But ours announces what we are doing on Sundays and special events. No pithy stuff at all.

Okay, here's the deadline. You all have till the end of July to come up with 10 pithy positive, God honoring sign epithets. That will at least give us a date to work at. Then we'll each post our sign sayings on our blogs and ask for opinions. Yea or nays. How's that? selahV
P.S. if all else fails, we could use scripture. :^)