Wednesday, June 13, 2007

More Evangelical Nonsense on Climate Initiatives

This BP News story relates to us yet more evangelical foolishness on the issue of global warming, this time that to be pro-environmental means you are either anti-evangelism or simply uncompassionate.

Russ Moore, dean of the school of theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, said:
Southern Baptists and other likeminded evangelicals "are concerned that tying Bible verses to any specific legislation on global warming, especially when there are potentially harmful results, could serve both to harm the public interest and trivialize the Christian Gospel," Moore said [emphasis mine].
And even more confusing is David Barton's take on environmental concern.
He told the committee that evangelicals "simply will not place the theoretical needs of the environment above the actual needs of the poor."
As I remarked to frequent commenter selahV, I just do not understand why conservatives are so adamantly opposed to global warming initiatives. Just how does caring for the environment truncate evangelism? And are the poor not part of the environment? Will global warming not affect their lives as well?


selahV said... ridiculous. I wonder if these who wrote that are talking about the extreme and not the stewardship for which we as Christians are responsible?

I don't know. I scratch my head. selahV

Tony said...

I would say Barton and Moore are on the fringes of evangelical thought, especially Barton, but like the media (even BP) always does, they typically report only that which is fascinating, not necessarily cogent.

Nevertheless, I still don't know how being environmentally concerned affects evangelism or ministry to the poor, but rather can enhance it.