Monday, June 11, 2007

Global Warming: A "Romantic Error?"

Dick Armey contends that Al Gore has committed a romantic error in his assessment of environmental change.
Armey says the "hysteria" Gore has created over global warming has replaced "serious, adult science" in environmental analysis. And he laments that even President Bush apparently has been swayed by that hysteria generated by Gore and other global warming alarmists. Gore, says the former Texas lawmaker, has given a new definition to "shortsighted and self-serving" political behavior.
As if other politicians have not promoted policy for self-aggrandizement, yet the science confirming global warming is to be rejected because it is more of a political maneuver than concern for the globe's well-being. And what is short-sighted about environmental concern?


Streak said...

You know, there was a period there when Dick Armey appeared to be a more reasonable conservative. He must be angling to get back in the good graces of the GOP or something.

As for shortsighted and self-serving political behavior, I think if you look those terms up, you find a picture of the Bush-led GOP.

Tony said...

I suspected the same about Armey. I just wish I could put my finger on why conservatives are so adamantly opposed to global warming initiatives.

selahV said...

tony: I think conservatives see global warming as a third-tier thing. :) just kidding. I think it is possible that some of the better liberal views get pooh poohed because of all the bad liberal views.
And I think all the better conservative views get pooh poohed because of a few extreme views that the mainstream media use to color conservatives BAD. selahV

Tony said...

The fringes to tend to color how we respond to any issue. I think we need to reach across the aisles on this particular issue. Conservatives and liberals both are part of the environment.

selahV said...

Tony...what we should do is another matter entirely. I'm just pointing out what I think folks are already doing and what seems to be the reason folks don't listen to the good ideas of their opposition.
Did you read where the satellite that reads and helps forcast hurricanes may go blind? and 2016 is when they could launch a new one? selahV

Tony said...


I had not read that about the hurricane satellite. I have read with rapt attention the 1957 Plymouth Belvedere that is to be unearthed from the time capsule in Tulsa, though! That is too cool!

selahV said...

ha ha ha. you are soooo funny! selahV