Thursday, June 14, 2007

God is Not Great

At least that is the title of a bad book slamming the Good Book. Christopher Hitchens, new kid on the atheistic block, attempts to cause more believers to abandon their faith for an empty, meaningless substitute. The book however is nothing more than bloviation and caustic bromides, without any real point nor purpose. Commonweal reviews:
But as Mark Twain once mused, give a man a reputation as an early riser and he can sleep until noon. With God Is Not Great, a caustic polemic on the evils of religion, Hitchens has earned the dubious honor of confirming Twain’s aphorism. Anyone expecting a masterful demolition of all things sacred will be disappointed. Bullying and shallow, God Is Not Great is a haute middlebrow tirade, a stale venting of outrage and ridicule. Beneath his Oxbridge talent at draping glibness in the raiment of erudition, Hitchens proves to be an amateur in philosophy, an illiterate in theology, and a dishonest student of history. Too belligerent to be nimble and too parochial to be generous, the once-captivating Hitchens demonstrates why he has forfeited any claim on our attention.
Dawkins sparked an interest and was a worthy read (though I didn't convert). God is not Great? Even the title is lame. (H/T Carlos)

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