Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Another Lousy Church Sign

If fear knocks on the door, make sure faith is allowed to open it.
No real theological problems with this church sign, it is just the whole door-knocking motif is trite and overused. Some originality is in order and perhaps could communicate the "fear is a problem, faith is the answer" idea a little better. Any ideas?


selahV said...

Hey Tony! How about:
Fear plus Faith equals Peace. selahV
of course you could use
Fear + Faith = Peace.

Steve Sensenig said...

I have heard it said somewhere in the past that fear is the opposite of faith. From the Christian perspective, faith is trusting in God, where fear is not trusting anything.

In other words, if I am looking at, say, a need in my life, faith says, "My God will supply all my needs..." whereas fear says "I don't know how (or even if) this need is going to be met".

Tony said...

Hi Selah!

I like it. I thought at first,

Faith - Fear = Peace, in response,

but I agree with Steve, faith is not the absence of fear. Fear is an environment where faith can be cultivated. So, I like yours better than mine.


I have heard that, too. The opposite of faith is unbelief, as you stated, not fear. Fear is an able tool in the hands of the devil.

I also like couching faith in needs, that a mature faith looks to God to supply all needs whereas immaturity looks elsewhere or does not expect that need to be met at all.

Now, how do we compress that onto a church marquee? ;)

(You don't have to answer that.)

selahV said...

Tony: Faith is the hammer that nails fear to the wall. selahV

Cameron Cloud said...

How about,

"When fear bites the worm,
let faith reel him in."

? What do you think? Do I have a future in cliche writing?

I'm with you. Church signs are generaly embarassing. The worst I've seen recently:

God loves you a Latte!
(Seen around Valentine's Day)

Tony said...


I like it! :)


God loves you a latte? Are you serious? Arrgghh!

I sure hope the church you serve doesn't have a marquee, btw. ;) Fortunately, the one I serve does not!

Cameron Cloud said...

What? You don't think I should use that message?!?

Actually, we do have a marqee at our church. I reserve its use for announcements and scripture based messages, however. :)

Tony said...


You are a wise, wise pastor!