Thursday, July 05, 2007

I Promised Pictures

Here are some pictures of my little guy. He didn't come out looking like a Klingon and right now he looks like every other newborn baby boy. I think he is right handsome but I am a little biased, though.

And this one for a little perspective...

So far he has been a good baby. I'm glad he's here. Thanks, everyone. May God bless.

I'll be back to regularly scheduled programming in the next couple of days. Meanwhile check out the blogs in the sidebar; they're worth your time.


Heather said...

Love the pix!! I wish I could get my hands on him -- give him big hugs for me!!

~Heather :)

elder's wife said...

Ya done good.

Gordon Cloud said...

That's a fine looking boy. I am sure you are thrilled. Congratulations!

Tony said...


No problem.


Thanks! I had a bit of help, though.


Good to see you. Hope to see some more programming out at your place sometime soon. Cameron comes back, you leave...I can't figure you Cloud fellas out.

rrbj said...

Congratulations Bro. Tony , and to wife !
You might be getting to old for the new exercises , but it ought to be a breeze with the lord guiding and all the training you all ready recieved ?


Tony said...

Hi Ron,

Thanks! Yes, the Lord definitely gives a greater grace; I am hoping for much more now that we have a boy. I hear they are a tad harder to look after than girls. We'll see.

Glad to see you. I'm sorry I haven't been out to your place in a while, but I have not done much blogging at all to speak of over the past eight or nine days; a comment here and there but nothing significant.

Blessings, bro Ron.