Friday, April 25, 2008

Lousy Church Signs!!!

I have to start out with the recent flap down in Jonesville, SC with the Church of God pastor who placed on their church sign:
Obama, Osama
Are they brothers?
Several friends and even my dear, dear sweet mother-in-law emailed to let me know about this one and I waited around to see what the church decided to do about it. As I understand, the church decided unanimously to keep the sign up but then by this past Tuesday afternoon, due to public pressure, the pastor decided to take it down. Good blog friend Streak posted on this one as it broke the news, so I let my commentary rest.

The next one incorporates the new teen text messaging vernacular with Holy Writ.
Read the Bible
The Holy Spirit Will
Send You a Txt Msg
And maybe He will be your BFF 2. Then this one, a new twist on divine math, with hackneyed spelling to boot:
Tuff Love
1 Cross
3 Nails
Nope, no "4 Given" in that one. Guess that part wasn't important enuff to put on the sign. This next one I link from a friend's blog who has got some guts to post this sign. After posting he emailed to let me know about it; I commented on his chutzpah. Well, as luck (or fate, or chance, or whatever) would have it, another friend sent me this one! So, in response to brother Chris' lousy church sign, Ewwwwwww!!!

I know, this one just about crosses the line--it ain't fit to be on a sign, much less reposted on a blog. (Incidentally, Evangelism Coach is the best evangelism blog you will read on the net.) A few more to round the post out, sans my wit:
God Does Not
Believe in Atheists
Therefore Atheists
Do Not Exist

Forgive Your
Enemies--It Messes
With Their Heads

Free Coffee
Everlasting Life
Yes Membership Has
Its Privileges

Don't Be So
Your Brains
Fall Out

God So Loved the World
That He Didn't
Send a Committee
Believe it or not, that one was on a Disciples of Christ church sign, and NOT BAPTIST!! (Oops, I said I wasn't going to commentate...or something...) This next one never gets old.
Read the Bible-It Will
Scare the Hell Out of You
This one is my favorite in this installment of LCS, and on an Assembly of God church sign!
Artificial Intelligence
Is No Match For
Natural Stupidity
Oh, and by the way, you can create your own church signs now! Too much fun. Too much.


Evangelism Coach said...

Oh my gosh, I don't know who's sign is more funnier, mine or yours!

I laughed so hard I nearly cried. Thanks for the link!

Pastor Chris

JoeG said...

Tony -
Some of those are absolutely awful! But I hate to say it, the "Oh God" one was just rip-roarin' funny! I couldn't stop laughing when I read it! :) Inappropriate for a church sign, yes, but still very humorous.
Have a great weekend!

Tony said...


No problem!


Man, you're bad. :)

You have a great weekend as well. Take care!

ron said...

Bro. Tony,

And I thought that us GA. rednecks were the only ingenious ones ?

Blessings and wishing you all have a blessed Lords Day on Sunday !

Tony said...


You rednecks down in GA are pretty smart. You put us NC rednecks to shame, I think. :)

Hope you have had a blessed Sunday as well.