Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Cause for Praise

I blogged last on my good friend's daughter and asked you to pleas pray for her. Improvement has been really slow, considering her condition before what happened, but there is much reason to be thankful unto the Lord. I have copied a portion of the email I received today that gives us much hope for her complete recovery.
Today is day 17 since [our baby girl's] adventure began and day 6 at Kluge Children's Rehab Center. In case you were wondering, she did not have a stroke this time. It's like her brain is 'bruised' but it has the full potential to regain everything she lost while seizing. Whether or not she does regain it all remains to be seen. She can sit up in a wheelchair for 2-3 hours now; and her head control is improving, but not what it used to be. She is moving her left arm and leg more. She smiles easily and can say a few words, but 'hi' is not one of them yet. Her voice is still at a whisper. She ate about a teaspoon of oatmeal twice yesterday and the day before. They are changing her feeding tube feeds to match a more normal eating habit. She should be there by tomorrow. We're not sure how much longer she will need the feeding tube. She has gotten very good at pulling it out, but needs to improve her swallow before it can be removed permanently.
They are concerned that she regain "hi" in her vocabulary because that was her standard greeting for anytime of the day. She still has some way to go, but her progress thus far is a great reason to rejoice. Thank you for your prayers.


Antje said...

I have been waiting for news and was hoping for good ones. Very happy to read this, Tony! Thanks for the update.
Antje (

Luke said...

I join with you in giving thanks to the Lord for His grace in this situation. May she continue to improve and may the glory of the Lord shine brighter through her.

Tony said...

Antje, Luke,

Thank you for your prayers and well-wishes. I know the family will be pleased to hear of them. God bless you both.

JoeG said...

Excellent news Tony! Please continue to keep us posted on her progress!

Bernard Shuford said...

Wow, good news. Praying for more improvement.