Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Some Funny

I was talking with a family we had just met at my daughter's soccer practice...which by the way, I am coaching defense, how cool is that??!!?? Bet all y'all didn't know that, huh? Well, anyway...

The family's daughter was wearing some extremely cool sports glasses. I remarked how cool I thought they were and they began explaining an eye disorder that she had that necessitated the special glasses.

I expressed my dismay and then asked, "Is it congenital?"

"Oh no, she was born that way."



Steve Sensenig said...

Toooooo funny!

Reminds me of the saying: "Infertility is hereditary. If your parents didn't have any children, chances are you won't, either."

Les Puryear said...

LOL!! Why does this sound like a Peanuts comic strip?


Luke said...

I would have had a hard time keeping my composure had that been spoken to me. How did you manage?

Tony said...


Let's just say it wasn't easy...if I had been drinking coffee, they might have gotten a face full.