Monday, September 03, 2007

Not just Lousy...Pathetic!

My disdain for church signs has grown by leaps and bounds, but these two really do not help my outlook nor help me to search for some redemptive quality in them.
Prevent truth decay.
Brush up on your Bible.
Clever, that one is. This one is worse.
The Great Physician heals Sunday sickness.
But is He out of the office on Monday through Saturday? What if I am stricken with a severe case of Monday melancholy? Or afflicted with the Tuesday tantrums? Or Wednesday woes? I'm going to stop now, I'm making my own self sick.


Cyle said...

Nothing is worse than, "Smoking or non-smoking. Where will you sit for eternity?"

Tony said...


Welcome to The RP! I am glad you dropped by, seeing as how we are "co-collaborators" and all now.

Yeah, I hate that church sign, too. My least favorite of all time is "Christians aren't perfect, just forgiven." Give me a break.