Monday, September 10, 2007

More Lousy Church Signs

If you are saying I should begin a whole 'nother blog for lousy church signs, its already been done, so, I cannot in good conscience do that. However, I can in good conscience post these, the first from a Baptist church in Lynchburg, VA.
Just because you were made from the dirt
don't mean you got to wallow in it.
Sound theology, bad grammar, and a pig reference; all in one sign. I wonder how they do it.

And this self-motivational piece on the local Pentecostal Church:
It is better to try and fail than to fail to try.
Thank you for that wisdom, Mr. Miyagi. Or was it Master Yoda?

Knowing my penchant for lousy church signs, blog friend Chris out at Evangelism Coach emailed me this one; it made my day! Though it isn't a church sign, it is lousy nonetheless.

In case you cannot read it, it says "Prebuy The Rapture Today." Funny, I didn't know you could get reserved seating at Family Christian Stores for that. I'll be by to pick up mine "Soon", I mean, I wouldn't want to get "Left Behind" or anything.

Thanks, Chris!


selahV said...

tony, tony, tony. you are a hoot!
love the one at the bookstore.

There ain't enough room on that there sign for good grammar. And if you wus to write proper, ain't nobody gonna notice what yore saying. selahV

Tony said...

Remember e. e. cummings? I remember learning about him in my American lit classes in high school and college. He used bad grammar and syntax in his work, primarily as a gesture of humility but probably also to draw attention to his work, because it was mainline and nothing really that would attract a large audience. He felt the unconventionality of such things as not capitalizing his name, using capitals in the middle of a sentence for common nouns, and poor syntax would draw a bigger audience.

It worked for Mr. Cummings.

Cameron Cloud said...

Wow! It never ends, does it? People must stay up late at night to think these up.

The bookstore sign is a classic. If there was a Christian "Tonight Show," that would certainly make "Headlines."

Heather said...

Yeah, gotta love that bookstore sign.

I thought of you and these signs the other day ... I was going through the pix on Brandon's phone and saw the "tried and true" sign that he had taken a picture of: "If you're too busy for God, then you're too busy" (*insert rolling eyes here*).

... thanks for posting these all the time :)


Tony said...


To imagine anyone would lose sleep over something like this...


It is good to see you back. Hope you and Brandon and the little buttercups are doing well.

You're welcome!

Gordon Cloud said...

I wonder if that bookstore gives a discount to pre-tribbers.

Tony said...


You would think post-tribbers would be lined up for miles after this revelation, huh?

Steve Sensenig said...

I was thinking maybe I could prebuy the rapture, and sell it on eBay to a pretribber! ;)

Tony said...

You post-trib guys think you are sooooooooo funny!

Gordon Cloud said...

I saw a sign yesterday that said, "Even Jesus had a fish story".