Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Hits Just Keep on Comin'

Friends and family are catching on with this church sign thing. I really need to post something of substance but man, these are just too much fun. Blog friend with the solid, respectable name of Gordon Cloud dropped this beaut in the comment thread of my last post and it is too lousy to let it sit in there and rot, so I brought it out for the world to behold its lousiness.
Even Jesus had a fish story.
My response mirrors Gordon's. Huh?

And my dear, sweet, loving, mother-in-law emailed me this one, horrid as it is.
Sunday School, Worship, and a Sweet Afternoon Nap. Priceless.
Mother-in-law replied to just combine worship and the nap and you got the afternoon free. I say don't give them any ideas.

Keep 'em comin'!


Heather said...

~love~ the statemenr from your mother-in-law LOL!!!

And Gordon's reminded me of:

Even Moses was a basket case!

I might stop my car and destroy the next church sign I see with that on it ... I hate that saying so much!



Tony said...

Just make sure you do it very early in the morning. I would hate to know you were in jail for defamation or destruction of church property, even if the sign is lousy. ;)

Gordon Cloud said...

LOL, thanks for the link, Tony. The one from your mother-in-law is "priceless".

Cameron Cloud said...

Tony, I thought of you yesterday when I saw this sermon title displayed on a church marquee:

"Did You Hear What He Said To Snoopy?"

Anyone care to interpret?

Tony said...


All I can figure is it is a sermon title and the Scripture reference is not included. I posted one of those back in April here. However, the one I posted carries with it a stronger indictment, notwithstanding the explanation...