Saturday, November 18, 2006

Yet Another Reason... consider homeschooling your children. This is typical of the gay and homosexual propaganda and their efforts to indoctrinate our children with the view that homosexuality is a morally permissible lifestyle. A Friday, November 17th Baptist Press article chronicled how a young mother attempted to express her disgust with a particular library book that her five year-old daughter brought home for her to read, checked out from the elementary school library. The book is another sordid attempt to correlate relationships in the animal kingdom with that of the homosexual lifestyle and that simply because it is OK for animals to act this way then it necessarily follows that it must be OK for humans to participate in this behavior as well. Does anybody else see something wrong with this line of thinking? Does it not at least raise an eyebrow that in order to defend their position on homosexuality, they must resort to emulating animals?

There are a lot of things that animals do that I do not recommend that we as humans should follow suit. Many animals eat their young! The superintendent of education in the St. Louis, MO suburb of Shiloh, IL, Jennifer Filyaw, cunningly said,
"My feeling is that a library is to serve an entire population. It means you represent different families in a society -- different religions, different beliefs. That's the role of a school library."
The young mother, Lilly Del Pinto, attempted to speak with the school librarian and her daughter's teacher regarding the book but was promptly directed to Superintendent Filyaw. To me, this audibly speaks that there is an agenda behind this book remaining on the shelves. If the mother came to the teacher with a concern about Charlotte's Web or a Sandra Boynton board book, I do not think she would have been so quickly referred. In response Filyaw said,
And Tango Makes Three will stay put -- at the advice of the district's attorney, who says moving it might be legally challengeable censorship.
Again, a patent display of a pro-homosexual agenda in which legal means must be resorted to rather than good common sense to defend their views. The book's promotion of homosexuality is blatantly obvious, even from reading Amazon's summary of the book's message.
This tale [is] based on a true story about a charming penguin family living in New York City's Central Park Zoo will capture the hearts of penguin lovers everywhere. Roy and Silo, two male penguins, are "a little bit different." They cuddle and share a nest like the other penguin couples, and when all the others start hatching eggs, they want to be parents, too. Determined and hopeful, they bring an egg-shaped rock back to their nest and proceed to start caring for it. They have little luck, until a watchful zookeeper decides they deserve a chance at having their own family and gives them an egg in need of nurturing. The dedicated and enthusiastic fathers do a great job of hatching their funny and adorable daughter, and the three can still be seen at the zoo today.
Tango is fairly insidious in its approach, and espouses a false innocence. The pictures are warmly drawn, with eye-catching, cutesy penguins, surrounded by soft water colors. The layout would be perfectly appealing to an innocent child, expecting just a simple story about a few comical penguins. Del Pinto, though not definitive in her view of homosexuality, agreed that to remove the book would probably amount to censorship. She did however express my sentiment regarding the homosexuality issue,
"Of course, we know the kids eventually are going to learn about the homosexual lifestyle," she said. “That's not the issue. Please let us decide when our kids are ready. Please let us parent our kids."
Books are an invaluable resource in the life of a learning child as well as your local library. My wife and I carefully screen every book our daughters read, especially our oldest now that she devours chapter books faster than we can provide them. Books such as Tango are becoming more and more prolific, and provide just one more reason, parents, why you need to carefully consider what the public school system is intentionally doing to your children.



Anonymous said...

I take it you don't like Gay people or the Gay Lifestyle then.

Tony said...


These are inferences you have drawn. I never made either statement.