Wednesday, November 01, 2006

What would the Amish, uh...I mean, Jesus do?

After the tragic slayings of five Amish children in Nickel Mines, PA and before their little bodies were even cold in the ground, the Amish did the unthinkable. Not only did they readily forgive Charles Carl Roberts IV for binding, gagging, and cold-heartedly murdering their babies, they established a fund for this man's children. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette carried this story a few weeks ago, but I have just gotten wind of it.
"These are innocent victims. It's not their fault, it's not their doing and they'll be going through some suffering and grieving," said Elmer Stoltzfus, an Amish bishop from another part of Lancaster County.
This is true evidence of what Jesus would do. When most of us "Christians" sit back wringing our hands wondering at such an atrocity, secretly plotting a revenge in our own hearts and entertaining ridiculous "what-ifs," these people not only forgive; they provide for his children. What a lesson for the church.



(HT: Streak)


Streak said...

Nice post, Tony, and not just because of the h/t. :) As someone who has grown quite dissilusioned with church, this is one of those moments where you see true grace in action that makes you go "wow." Could I do the same?

I don't know.

Tony said...

Thanks Streak.

This was a good dose of humility for me, because my first response was, and how I wish it had not been, "How awful," rather than "I forgive."



Les Puryear said...


You spoke my thoughts exactly. Ever since I spent a week in Lancaster, PA a few years ago, I have grown to love and admire the Amish.


Tony said...


Reading one another's minds, huh? :) That's scary.

This has been especially troubling because several Amish families have moved into our area from Dover, DE. Our new next door (as next door as you can get out in the sticks) neighbors are Amish. They felt it quite hard.