Friday, April 17, 2009

Lousy Church Signs

Its been a long time since the last installment of lousy church signs, but I found a couple today that warrant posting--stupid, senseless, and a waste of good church sign space.
God's Stimulus Plan
The Rapture
Makes no sense at all whatsoever. Unless you mean the cottage industry that has made millions off the rapture, then we might be getting somewhere.
Does your tongue
need healing?
What? Perhaps if this was on a Pentecostal or charismatic church sign, I might understand, but it was on a Baptist one. Some signs need an asterisk at the bottom to fill us ignoramuses in on what in the world the sign means.


Karma Shuford said...

The worst things about signs like this is that they make me say rude and snide things . . .

Anonymous said...

I know some folks who think signs like those are great (even if they didn't know what they mean), so I try to be kind about LCS. I'm usually unsuccessful.

Tony said...

Oh now, come on guys, lousy church signs just beg to be made fun of...

Karma Shuford said...

:) One of the favorite ones I saw last fall was a local church that had -

Churchwide Thanksgiving Dinner
Some night, 7PM

Even though it was an "announcement," which should be fine, Bernard and I speculated as to what the "churchwide" implied.

All members are invited, but not the community?

Sometimes, due to the lack of space, perhaps, messages can be conveyed that may not be the intended message.

Tony said...

I'm not too keen on putting church events on the sign UNLESS the community is invited. I mean, the bulletin has all the announcements and I make announcements from the pulpit, why in tarnation should I put it on the sign, too?