Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Lousy Church Signs

It has been quite some time since my latest offering of lousy church signs. Here are a few for your Wednesday. This one my wife found on the new "worship center" downtown.
Let your life match your lip.
Interesting diversion from "practice what you preach." Its good they didn't lose the alliteration. That is always important.

This one belongs in the "so sweet it will make you sick" category.
The next time you are reluctant to change,
think of the beauty of autumn.
Awww. It makes me want to get a new hair-do. And this one comes from my good blog friend Chris, The Evangelism Coach. And its OK to laugh out loud!

So, verbal adjective or adjectival verb? You make the call!


Cameron Cloud said...

On the last sign,there's only a question because the church is Episcopal. If it were Baptist it would be certain!

I love these posts because it gives me a chance to share hokey signs I see as well:

"Having trouble sleeping? Don't count sheep, talk to the shepherd."

"We're not a hotel for the saints, we are a hospital for the sinners."

I know these are "good thoughts," but maybe they should be in the Sunday bulletin instead of the church sign.

It seems that like much of our outreach in general, church signs are aimed at believers instead of unbelievers.

Heather said...

Oh my goodness ..... I'm literally LOL at that last one.

~Heather :)

Steve Sensenig said...

You got me on that last one. I don't know where Holy Observer comes up with the signs that they post, but someone's very creative ;)

Tony said...


I have indeed posted some of these in our Sunday bulletin; labeled "Lousy Church Signs!"

And I think you're right about the sign. Chris, from the Evangelism Coach, did a very good post not too long ago about improving the effectiveness of your church sign and one of his big points was aim it toward NON-BELIEVERS. You think that would be a big duh, wouldn't you?


I'm glad to see you haven't dropped off the blog planet. Good to see you again!


Yeah-I'm grateful to Chris for pointing me there. Glad I made ya laugh!