Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lousy Church Signs Continued...

OK, OK. I'm on a roll again. I can't help it. I spent about six hours in the car today making hospital visits and the church signs were just ripe for the picking. On a Baptist (ironic, huh?) church sign:
We'll care about you.
As opposed to whom? It must be that other church. ( know which one I'm talking about!!) Like I've said before, if you have to put it on the sign...
God gave us faces.
We create our expressions.
At least God didn't create church signs. Because I couldn't imagine He could be responsible for such lousy "expressions" on them. This next one takes the cake. My first question is, why do you need a banner in addition to a marquee? Are you multiplying lousiness?
Wednesday, October 31st 4-7 PM
Family Fun
and a
Holy Ghost Wienie Roast
I can't comment. I just can't. I'm wiping the tears from my eyes.

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