Thursday, April 26, 2007

You're Rich and Didn't Even Know It...

...compared to everyone else in the world, that is. It is our tendency in American culture to place a heavy emphasis on wealth and our rabid consumerism fosters a desire for more, no matter the cost. Even the lowest rung on the ladder in America is wealthier than third world countries.

H/T to Henry Cate for pointing us to this site that helps to put things in perspective. I have always said that I am rich, I just don't have a lot of money. Maybe I need to stop using that trite statement because according to this rich list, I am in the top 3.81%.

Go see for yourself, and stop griping.


rrbj said...

Bro. Tony I've always said I was rich to ! I'm in the top .001 %in the 107,565 richest range! Blessings . Ron.

Tony said...

Brother Ron,

Yes, we among all people are especially blessed. We would be much better off if we measured wealth with a different standard besides materially. Maybe biblically, perhaps?