Thursday, April 05, 2007

A Partial Blog Fast...

Maybe some of you have noticed (or maybe you haven't, I don't know) that I have not participated as much in the blogosphere lately. My posting has been sparse and I have not commented on many of the blogs I regularly participate in. I found it necessary to drop out for a brief time to pray, regain perspective, and reevaluate. I should be back at it soon, but until then, when you think about the "rambling prophet," ask God to help me regain my sense of purpose in blogging and commenting.

Much love and prayers.


Steve Sensenig said...

You have my prayers. Please stay in touch! :)

Tony said...


Thanks! I will be emailing you soon...

Alan Knox said...


I'm praying for you as well. It was good to see a picture of your family over on Dr. Black's blog.


Les Puryear said...


Have a good rest from blogging. Thanks for the phone call today. It meant a great deal to me.


Brandon said...

I'm praying for you brother...

Be blessed...

Tony said...


Many thanks. I enjoyed reading the interview with you Dr. Black posted.


Your welcome! you had been on my mind the past several days and I needed to follow up. I am thankful you are mending.


Those prayers are what I need right now. I appreciate you coming alongside of me.

Many blessings to you all in your ministries and in your blogging.

selahV said...

Bro. Tony: add a little BEBO Norman to your Enya CD's and rest, brother. Do you ever wonder what good blogging does?

I've found that it is a community of people who love God. I've discovered that even though people think differently ABOUT God, they can love Him the same way. And it is such a blessing to find people so passionate about loving Him and sharing their faith in Him with others. You are in my thoughts and prayers, Bro. Tony. selahV

Tony said...


We were posting at the same time.

You have been such a blessing to me and I am so glad God has led us to one another out here in blog land.

I do enjoy Bebo, but I have to say, Enya's voice soothes the savage beast within. If you are not familiar with her, give her a try.

Blogging can be interesting and I am blessed for the outlet it affords me. It can also wear you out if you are not careful. I felt I needed a tiny break, especially form "debating."

Iron does indeed sharpen iron, but sometimes the sparks fly a little too wildly.

Thank you for praying for me, Mrs. V!

selahV said...

TONY: Indeed I know Enya. I love her for the same reasons you do. My son, Chad, introduced her into my life. Strange, isn't that?

I usually have her playing as I tip tap away on the keyboard to the world.

Debating can really get the better of men. So much seems to be at stake sometimes on blogs. I guess I'm not doing the debate thing very well. I really and truly don't get drained from any of it. Just the long hours of reading long comments and force-filled arguments. It is the passionless like myself who find great delight in blogs. I flit from blog to blog like a butterfly in a meadowland. I suck the sweetness from the blossom and move on when there is none.

I'm so glad I get to light here now and then. Your pasture is quite green and the waters seem still in comparison to many fields in which I've found myself.

God bless you, Tony. You've been a blessing to me, also. "seize the day." Eat a chocolate bunny! selahV

Gordon Cloud said...

Bro. Tony, I can fully relate to what you are feeling right now. I pray that God will give you rest and that soon we will all benefit from your refreshed return.

Steve Sensenig said...

Tony, today was a blessing. I posted about it on my blog -- hope you don't mind.

You're a great friend, and I'm glad to be on your team :)

Be blessed, my brother.
steve :)

Tony said...


Likewise, you are a great friend. I am a better man for knowing you.

And no, I don't mind. I returned the favor! ;)