Friday, April 27, 2007

Giuliani-A Candidate with No Hope...but Falwell

Rudy Giuliani has officially sold himself out to the religious right. Having changed his stance on same sex unions, Jerry Falwell is now calling the shots. As his National Liberty Journal records, "Giuliani is the candidate we wish we could love." Falwell uses a mass email list and the most recent one said,
“Mayor Giuliani believes marriage is between one man and one woman,” the Giuliani campaign said, responding to a New York Sun query. “Domestic partnerships are the appropriate way to ensure that people are treated fairly. In this specific case the law states same sex civil unions are the equivalent of marriage and recognizes same sex unions from outside states. This goes too far and Mayor Giuliani does not support it.”
Never mind that the resurrected mayor has vacillated on this point too many times to count, but the rhetoric of Falwell is not surprising either.

But as America has come to a social and political crossroads in terms of the same-sex marriage debate, I am more concerned than ever that our leaders understand that traditional marriage is a foundational component of civilization, not an issue in which we can bounce around new ideas and pounce on the ones that are the most politically expedient.


So while Mr. Giuliani’s abrupt rebuke of the New Hampshire Senate’s bill is welcomed, we are still hopeful for more encouraging evidence of his commitment to social conservatism.
Here is how I see it: Rudy can no longer appeal to the left of center republicans because of his vacillation on certain issues and has nowhere else to turn except the far right. However, Dr. Falwell has ratcheted up the pressure and has essentially upped the ante on Rudy; my question is, will he deliver?

Giuliani is now beholden to Falwell and his cronies and it would behoove him to toe the party line--or else he will deny himself any opportunity in 2008.


Streak said...

Interesting. It feels like both McCain and Guliani are working off an old playbook. Do Falwell and Robertson still have the same power with their followers? Will this pay off? As you note, by doing this, Guliani writes off the middle and now is the property of the right--even thought I am not sure the rank and file want him (or McCain).

One question, though. What is a "left of center republican?" that sounds oxymoronic to me. :)

Tony said...

I actually heard that phrase on Bill Maher the other night. A young lady who said she was conservative used the phrase a couple of times. She said she was pro-choice, left of center. I don't remember her name.

And it is oxymoronic, or at least seems, because the entire republican party seems to have sold out to the rr.

I really think Falwell's power is waning. Many are beginning to see him for what he is; a politician and not a religious leader. He needs to retire.

What do you think of Edwards' foible; "I don't have a moral leader?"

Streak said...

I found that question a little confusing, so will extend to Edwards a little room. I also think that this constant asking of our political leaders to mouth some religious piety is useless. After all, Bush said one of the more vapid phrases, and seemed to assure the faithful that he was one of them. Now look at where we are.

I like Edwards, but am not completely sold on him either.

Tony said...

this constant asking of our political leaders to mouth some religious piety is useless

Agreed. Some of my conservative friends have taken Edwards to task on this account and I have simply asked why; I think Edwards' long pause represented his trepidation in answering the question.

Honest, I am not excited about any of the candidates. Obama seems the best hope right now. If he can put good people in key positions to accommodate for the "age deficiency" America may be well served in 08.

Time will tell though.

Streak said...

Honestly, I look at Obama's lack of experience and think that Bush put who knows how much experience into play with Cheney and Rumsfeld and look what that got us. I think a dose of common sense might be a nice change.