Tuesday, April 24, 2007

In a Fix...

I ducked out the door to the cries of "Daddy, you gotta help Noonie!" That is one of our nicknames for their youngest sister, who is two. And don't ask how nicknames evolve in our house, the explanation is too detailed. I went outside to discover this predicament.

Notice also that she obviously had been in there a while before one of her loving sisters came to get me to get her out; her sandals are right there beside her. Perhaps you can provide a clever caption. Mine...maybe they don't multiply like rabbits...

You will note, though, that the door is latched shut.


Heather said...

LOL!!!!! I can't come up with a clevr caption, but thanks for sharing the pic!


Anonymous said...

At least she had a water bottle there to drink out of! ;)

My caption: Who knew that rabbits evolved into humans??

Elder's Wife said...

Some people will do anything for a great sermon illustration, won't they?

Anonymous said...

LOL! This brings back a lot of memories of my youngest son at that age.

After learning "Dada" and "Mama", his first words that he learned to say was "Uh-oh, sketti-oh" and "I'm stuck".

I told my wife, "This doesn't bode well."

That is a cute pic. Thanks for sharing it with us. Did she lock the cage herself or was there an accomplice?

Tony said...


Thanks for stopping by and you're welcome. If you come up with one, stop back by.


She had fresh chow, too.


My kids offer way too much fodder for illustrations. I limit myself on how many personal illustrations I use, but I could use one from my children every week.


Oh yes, there was an accomplice and unfortunately my third daughter (she's four) got caught in a lie in this one. When I went outside, there was this resigned sing-song, "gimme out, gimme out, gimme out..." So, I think she had been in there a while.

Thanks everyone for participating.

Anonymous said...

TONY: "Some bunny's been sleeping in my bed and there she is!"

How absolutely precious! You ought to submit this photo to Country Woman Magazine. I think they pay 100.00 for them. If not, Woman's Weekly.

Tony said...

Mrs. V,

That is GREAT! Absolutely hilarious and the best so far! Somehow when I posted this, I knew that you would deliver.


Tony said...

One more vote for an evolution caption...my pa-in-law sent an email saying that now we have conclusive proof for it.

Steve, you're in good company!

(But Selah's still gets top billing!)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'll be the first to admit that when I read SelahV's comment, I quickly conceded the honor. That was, hands down, the best caption that probably could ever be put on that picture.

Do the rest of us get nice parting gifts, though? ;) hehe

Tony said...


Yeah, I'll think of something...maybe a gift certificate to Starbucks perhaps for you and Christy...hmmmmm..

Selah has done me a very high honor; she has featured this post on her Post Picks site. Thanks Mrs. V!

Anonymous said...

Bro. Tony that is very well one for the memory book ! " Priceless " Little kids always amaze me when they are trying to explain the situation . I can hear your other little girl saying Daddy I don't know how that happened ? Blessings. Ron.