Monday, May 04, 2009

More LCS...

If it was not for lousy church signs, lately I would have nothing to post, so here is the latest edition.
Unholy Compromises
Please join us!
I would imagine that the average unbeliever (or for that matter, the average Christian) probably knows not that Pergamos was an actual church and is the topic of that service's sermon. It seems they might only correlate the last two lines. So, come on in! Join us in those unholy compromises! And the second,
God's Greeting Card to Us
And what is summer? A love letter? Sigh...


Karma Shuford said...

i thought the first one was an invitation to join them in unholy compromises as well!

at least they used spaces

Steve Sensenig said...

A lot of people might think, then, that winter is God flipping us off or something ;)

Tony said...


I had thought about winter being God's hate mail, but chose against it. The thought of God doing anything hateful, well... :)



Karma Shuford said...

ofcourseyoudon't. to quote schultz off of Hogan's Heros -- "I KNOW NOTHING!!!"

spring -- greeting card
summer -- present to be unwrapped
fall -- God's canvas
winter -- wrapped up present

there. that's my corny-ness for theday

Tony said...

That is so corny Del Monte wouldn't can it.