Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Doing Better Than I Deserve

Our transition is almost complete. I have been out of blogville for a while but am glad to be back at it. I return as the new pastor of Grandview Baptist Church in Waynesville, NC and am glad to be so. Please pray for me and the new church as we make this transition. My prayer is to glorify the Lord in all that I do here. There seems to be much work to do and I look forward to jumping in with both feet and doing the work of the Lord in a new place of service.

There are many new things about this area we are excited about, many changes to our lifestyle that will be welcome, and "town living". We were literally seventeen miles from the nearest grocery store at the old charge; now we are about a mile and a half from Ingle's grocery store, the grocery store of my youth. That is another thing we are thrilled about--being closer to family. My folks are only about an hour away from us, as opposed to the six that we were. My wife's parents are about an hour and forty-five away. I'll keep you posted as the work progresses from time to time on the blog but prayerfully a new post will be up so we can all start talking again.

While I have been away, I was asked to do something for a fellow blogger. Pastor Chris out at the Evangelism Coach asked me to plug his book giveaway. No man should have six bookshelves of books on evangelism so he is giving some away. All you have to do is sign up for his free newsletter and you're registered.

Also, Selah V, one of my favorite bloggers and dear friend tagged me for a dadgum meme. I'll get her back, that is for sure. The rules are as follows:

First, you need to pick up the book nearest to you which has 123 pages or more (no cheating!) Did you see that? NO CHEATING. The book nearest you, right now as you are reading this page.

* Find page 123
* Find the first five sentences
* Post the next three sentences
* Tag five people

OK--the book nearest me at the time was He that is Spiritual by Lewis Sperry Chafer and on page 123, the three sentences I post for your reading enjoyment are:
The judgment belonged to us; but He became our Substitute. We are thus counted as co-partners in all that our Substitute did. What He did, forever satisfied the righteous demands of God agianst the "old man" and opened the way for a "walk" well-pleasing with God (see II Corinthians 5:15).
Since I love Selah dearly, I participate but I reserve the right not to tag anybody!!! (Heh.) Besides, I have been out of the blogosphere for so long, someone might get upset if I tag them without any substantial material to legitimize myself for being out here.

The last order of business is a lousy church sign. I think all my regular readers know my penchant for them and goodness, the church that called me HAS A SIGN! And lo, they cannot beat this for sheer, unadulterated lousiness. What are they thinking? They'll be fortunate if anyone comes to church now.

(Couldn't resist; LOL!!!)


selahV said...

I love those words from that book. A snippet of all we have in our Lord.

Did you move the bunnies with you?

So you think that is a lousy church sign? Would you rather it read, "Welcome, Pastor Tony Sisk and Family, When all else failed, we called Tony Sisk?" :)

Tony said...

In spite of being tagged, it was a great meme. I tried that out with a couple of other books and came across some interesting finds.

No, I left the furry bunnies under the watchcare of a young fellow named JT who is very much so an animal lover. I know he will take good care of them. We just didn't have an easy way to move them here.

And on the sign, I did request they leave out the part about scraping the bottom of the barrel. :)

steves said...

Will you get put what you want on the sign?

Earl said...

I'm glad I wasn't tagged. I have "The Phantom Tollbooth" next to me (my kids gave it to me for my birthday) and page 123 is a picture. I haven't read the book yet, but my kids and their friends keep quoting lines from it.

The other book next to me is an Oracle Database book. Those sentences even put me to sleep.

Earl said...

btw, what I really wanted to say is that I'm glad to see you're blogging more and that I keep you all in my prayers.

Tony said...


Fortunately I will get to put what I want on the sign! I hope to reserve it for church activities, Scripture citations, and sermon titles...not that anyone would want to listen anyway!


An Oracle database book? You casting spells or something? I may have to ban you from my blog. I will pray God delivers you from witchcraft. ;)

Thanks for the prayers brother, and take care.Hope to see you in blogland soon.

CB Scott said...


I pray God uses you greatly to advance the Kingdom among the new flock to which He has made you shepherd. May He also use you to bring more sheep into the flock there at Waynesville.


Tony said...


Welcome to my blog; thanks for commenting! I appreciate the prayers and well-wishes. May God bless you in your place of service as well, brother.

Bernard Shuford said...

I saw Tony's sign on Saturday night... it was not far from a fellowship hall kinda place where a buncha folks appeared to be dressed up as old ladies.

I got the heck outta there.


Tony said...

You aren't too far from the truth, Bernard. We had a youth event Saturday evening with a supper for the kids and then a mock wedding for comic relief.

Everyone was dressed hillbilly-esque with their worst clothes on. It was quite funny and a big hit with the young people!