Tuesday, December 18, 2007


That is how many years I have been married as of yesterday. I often joke around and tell other guys I have the utmost in sympathy for them because they had to marry the second best lady in the world and it must be terribly difficult knowing you are married to the second best. At the last wedding I officiated, I told the bride she was the second prettiest bride I had ever seen. It took her a moment and she finally got it, but the initial note of offense on her face was priceless.

This post is in some way a tribute to my wonderful wife. Other than my Savior Jesus Christ no one means more to me than her. She crashed into my life a little over thirteen years ago (yes, the engagement was very short) and it has never been the same. I met in her all that I could ever hope to complete me in a soul mate.

We have come to that point in our marriage where we complete one another's sentences, know what the other is thinking without saying a word, and can communicate from across a room with just the flicker of an eyebrow. Moreover, she has borne for me five beautiful children. This past July we finally had a boy, though I was threatening some kind of Henry VIII retaliation if she didn't deliver (no pun intended) this last time around. (Again, just joking!)

She has also been the consummate pastor's wife. Always there when I need to vent, she listens to all of the trials and troubles of ministry, she always has a word of wisdom just when I need it, and most importantly, I know that she prays for me.

I would be loathe not to mention that she takes wonderful care of our family. The children never want for anything when she is on duty. When I am in charge, the house could burn down around us and I would be none the wiser. I am that inept. Tim "the Tool Man" Taylor and I were conjoined twins separated at birth, I am convinced. When mommy isn't here, they all whine, "When's mommy gonna be ho--oo--oo--me??"

We celebrated last night by toasting some Welch's sparkling white grape juice over light conversation. The background music was the incessant crying of #5 as we have been training him at five minute intervals to put himself to sleep. When we talked about what we loved most about the last thirteen years, we agreed that it was having gotten to know one another so well.

So, to my beautiful wife, I love you. May I one day become all that you have been to me.


Kat said...

Your wife is blessed to have the 2nd-best husband in the world. Tell her, sorry, but I got the 1st-best.
And he's blessed me with 41 years. I hope the Lord gives you many more!

Steve Sensenig said...

No more can you get on me and Christy about PDA on a blog, Mr. Rambling Prophet! You have outdone me in a single post.

Absolutely beautiful, and my sincerest congratulations to you and Mrs. Prophet! :)

Tony said...


Camilla might argue with you over that! Thank you for the well wishes and many happy returns.

Alright, "Mr. Musings", all those horrible, terrible things I said about PDA I take it all back. Go smother Christy with love or kisses or whatever it is y'all smother one another with. *Sigh*

(hee hee) ;)

Oh, and I'm saving this comment in my file for when I need it later...no way did I ever think I would outdo you! I thought you were "unoutdoable". So, now when I need it, I can just say, "Look! Right there! Ha! I outdid you at least once!"

Sincerely, thank you, brother. I appreciate you in our Lord.

Steve Sensenig said...

I had fun reading your response out loud to Christy. :)

Gordon Cloud said...


SelahV said...

Congratulations Tony! I am so happy Camilla has you as well, because anyone who can sing the praises of his wife like you just have is a prince among men indeed. God has definitely blessed you both. and those children are equally blessed. Wonderful post. Inspiring and I am envious (not really). selahV

Tony said...



Mrs. V,

I feel like I should introduce myself to you. It has been so long since we have talked. I hope you are doing well and feeling much better now. I apologize for not keeping up with you as well as I should have. Please forgive me.

Thanks for the well-wishes and I know without a doubt that Mr. V is a blessed man indeed.

Streak said...


Tony said...

Mr. Streak,


Evangelism Coach said...

Congrats on 13.

Evangelism Coach.org

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Tony & Camilla!!!


Tony said...

Thanke Deana! Wow, it has certainly been a while. I expect pictures of all those strapping boys SOON!

Thanks for the congrats, even though you are a tad late. :)

I'll tell Milla you posted!