Friday, March 23, 2007

Weekend Prayer Request Thread

Do you have a prayer need? Please feel free to submit a comment with your prayer request and rest assured I will pray for your need. If you stop by and see another's need, please feel free to comment, offer a word of encouragement, but most of all, pray for that person!

If you feel the need to submit your request privately, my email is on the sidebar.


Heather said...

Tony -

Please pray for Brandon and me that we will seek the Lord and follow His leading on what we are to do/where we are to go next.


Blessings to you and your family!


selahV said...

Tony: My uncle is lost. Has absolutely no idea of the state of his soul. Don't know if he even knows he has a soul. I am ashamed I have not recognized this till now when he is contracted inoperable, incurable lung cancer. I left it to my dad to reach my uncle. I ask you pray for me as I try clumsily to find words to reach him before his appointed time of death. Pray for God's Spirit to work in his life on that end and whomever can make a difference to make that difference. selahV

Tony said...

A prayer for the Murrays

Almighty Father,

"I commit to your care Brandon and Heather and their two precious little ones that you might communicate Your will for their lives right now clearly and coherently. May they be attentive to the soft list of your voice and grant them wisdom to make decisions that glorify you. I pray for peace during this season of the unknown. Provide for their needs and give them joy inexpressible as they diligently seek Your beautiful face.

I thank you for their trust and faith in you and ask humbly that you might bless them with knowledge and perseverance.

A prayer for selahV's uncle

Sovereign God,

"We give you thanks for creating the precious soul that is selah's uncle and we ask that you would save this man. Open his eyes that he might see, his ears that he might hear, his heart that he might understand, and give him the will to obey your Gospel. Break through the barriers that are standing in the way of his knowing you. Grant selah wisdom and peace and give her the words to say that would best be used by You that her uncle might come to repentance and faith in Your Son, Jesus Christ, who alone can save sinners and grant them release from the terrible bondage under which they suffer.

Send into his life whom You will, that the Gospel might be clearly communicated to him in a way he will understand and respond and that he might not be separated from You and Your great love for him."

We commit these petitions to You in the strong Name of our Lord, Jesus Christ the righteous. Amen.

Many blessings be upon you both!

Elder's Wife said...

Please pray with me for my grandsons, Jay & Justin (ages 18 & 16). Their father is stationed in Iraq & was expected to be back home in early June. They have just found out that he will not be back until the end of the summer, and they are dealing with anger & disappointment--Jay will be graduating from high school in June. Both are saved.
Thank you!

Tony said...

A prayer for Jay, Justin, and their dad

"O Lord of Hosts,

We pray for Justin's and Jay's dad, away defending that which we hold precious here in America. We give you thanks for his courage and bravery and ask Your hand of protection upon him. I humbly ask, Father, that you keep him and all of our troops in harm's way in Iraq safe and return them home quickly.

Give his family the fortitude and steadfastness they need to maintain their home in his absence and provide abundantly for their needs, physical, emotional, and particularly spiritual.

The boys are nursing anger and disappointment right now, as well they should. It is natural. May Your love shield them during this season of doubt and fear. Provide a way somehow, O Lord, that he may be able to see his son graduate high school and to share in the rejoicing of this important event in his son's life.

We rejoice in their knowledge of You and pray by Your mighty hand that you strengthen this family.

I make this pray in the name of Christ Jesus, our Shield and Defender. Amen."

God bless you and your family, Kat!

skalea said...

Hi, I'm Kat's daughter - she just sent me a link to your prayer chain - and I want to thank you for your prayers for my sons Jay and Justin and for thier father. It's so wonderful to have Brothers and Sisters praying with us!

Tony said...


Thank you so much for stopping by. You are more than welcome. It is a blessing to unite with you in prayer for Jay, Justin, and their dad. If you would like, feel free to keep me updated how they are doing and I will adjust my praying accordingly. My email is on the main page, in the sidebar.

Many rich blessings in our Lord,