Friday, March 30, 2007

A Bittersweet Meeting

UPDATE: Brother Les' dad, Clifton Puryear, had his homegoing yesterday, Saturday, March 31st. Please drop by his blog and wish he and his family well during this time of sorrow. Brother Les, my prayers are with you.


Yesterday afternoon I had the wonderful privilege of meeting fellow pastor and blogging buddy, Les Puryear. I wish that it could have been under different circumstances that I could have met Les, but I had the privilege of shaking hands with him and hugging his neck nonetheless.

After checking in on Les' blog yesterday morning, I discovered that his dad, Clifton, whom I have been diligently praying for, was in the hospital, potentially not going home, but rather home to heaven. Given that Les and his family were only going to be about forty-five minutes away at Person Memorial Hospital in Roxboro, NC, I made arrangements to see them that afternoon.

Les was exactly what I expected. He was kind, gentle, humble, and compassionate. His attitude and demeanor revealed his great love for Christ, which I knew anyway. Les is the type of guy that when he smiles, his whole face smiles. We had a blessed time talking shop and we concluded our terribly brief time together with a sweet time of prayer for his father. One thing about meeting Les I found rather humorous was I was expecting someone taller...I am short, but I am still curious how Les sees over the pulpit. He must have a brick to stand on. :)

His family were equally a privilege to meet. My prayers, and I would also request that yours as well, dear readers, would be with Clifton Puryear's family during this time of crisis in their lives. May the sweet love of Christ envelop them.


Gordon Cloud said...

I will definitely say a prayer for this family.

selahV said...

Tony: you described the image of Les in my mind to a "T". I can't imagine him being any other way. Thanks for sharing. I pray he is consoled by the prayers we are all lifting on his behalf. May God give him supernatural strength and grace beyond sufficiency in these days ahead. Of all the people I'd most be honored to find at my side in the event that my dad died, it would be you, dear Tony. Your compassionate heart resounds with love all the way to Oklahoma. SelahV

Tony said...


Thanks brother. I know Les and his family will appreciate it.


I think that is one of the sweetest compliments I have received in a very, very long time. Thank you. And if you needed me, I'd do my best to be there, even to Oklahoma!

I have yet to hear how Mr. Puryear is doing. Let's all continue to pray.

Grosey's Messages said...

Good on you Bro... very thoughtful and appropriate.
Every Blessing,

Tony said...

Hey Steve,

Thanks bro, I appreciate it. God bless you.