Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Seduction of Politics

Lately I have been involved in great discussion with a new friend, Streak. He and I have been discussing politics and numerous other issues, all even-handedly. He has plugged David Kuo's new book Tempting Faith. I have yet to read the book, but there has been much brouhaha over it and the quality of President Bush's one and a half terms in office.

I have been enocuraging the congregation I serve not to sell out to a political system and remember that Christianity is not synonomous with Republican. Dr. David Black has written a timely article and he courageously expresses my sentiments in regards to the the Christian's involvement in politics. He expresses it much more eloquently than I ever could, so here is a brief snippet and the link.
Today God and conservatism have practically merged into one, with the “wonder-working power” of politics driving a large segment of the Christian right. This momentous hour finds our generation of Christians, not filled with the Spirit, not focused on missions (as we should be), but drunk with wine – not the wine from a bottle (abstemious as we are) but all the stimulants of the evil one, the intoxications of Satan. And never has he devised more concoctions to give men false expectations as when he weds religion to politics. What a time for the church to be inebriated with empty political promises when she should be awake and alert to the real challenges of the hour!

Whenever government tries to make men good without being righteous – something the devil would love more than anything in this fallen world – the professing church becomes cluttered with hosts of superficial saints who never sell out to Christ. Anyone who reads the New Testament will see that Jesus refused to identify Himself with any of the politico-religious parties of His day, whether they were called Pharisees, Herodians, Sadducees, or Zealots. Christians must maintain an ultimate commitment to Christ and eschew loyalty to a political party – any political party.
Please read the sum total of Dr. Black's article and strongly consider his words. They are needful and timely for a church that has been seduced by politics.



Christy said...

I'll have to check out that book. I have been encouraging people to educate themselves on candidates, issues and the office that is being sought. Easier said than, done sometimes. I have taken a dose of my own medicine. I am a registered Rebuplican, but have libetarian leanings. The problem that I have, are candidtes who are members of organizations that I find morally irresponsible. It is hard to tell people "don't vote for a party" when the candidates from other party are often personally involved in things you, yourself whould not endorse.

On a side note, there was a man who left our church because we weren't political enough for him. Seems he just roams the earth trying to find a pastor who will come join the local area Republican club with him.


Tony said...
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Tony said...

Hi Christy,

I am like you--I have voted Republican consistently but I am beginning to question even that. My friend Streak, whom I mentioned in this article, claims we have to vote Democrat in the next election just for accountability's sake because of the degradation of the Bush admin.

Unfortunately, immorality is bipartisan. Republicans cheat on their spouses as do Democrats; Republicans embezzle campaign funds as do Democrats; Republicans are sexually deviant as are Democrats; Republicans lust for power as do Democrats. So, I try to look at the candidate and not just the party. Hard, though. Really hard.

Moreover, IMHO, the man who left your church seems to me is a blessed deduction ;-)

Thanks for stopping by!


Tim A. Blankenship said...

This is the first time I have read any of your writings, and I find myself, on this issue of politics, in agreement.
We cannot depend on any party to stand faithful to the Word of God. Hopefully some of the candidates we vote for will.
I myself was brought up in a Democrat family. I have most often voted REpublican when it came to Presidential candidates.
I do think it is the Christian thing to vote and vote your convictions, not party.
I will put your blog on my blog roll.

Tony said...


Thanks for stopping by! I greatly appreciate the link.

I think it is perfectly acceptable for Christians to be involved in government, though we should never allow it to become the sole source for transformation in our country, which is my fear with some of the big name Christians.

Blessings, my new friend.