Friday, September 01, 2006

A Word for the Weekend

I have poked fun at Paula White and the prosperity cohort this week, so this quote from Dr. David Black (notice the link in the sidebar), my Greek profesor in seminary, is in order. It is from a recent post, Carpenters for Jesus.

The Lord Jesus does not exist for our gratification. He will not be used, no matter how often we pray the prayer of Jabez. We exist to glorify Him, not the other way around. And nothing is more important to Him than our working together for the faith of the Gospel.

May God bless you and your families this weekend and I pray you have a blessed day of worship.


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Les Puryear said...


This post is so right. Jesus is not waiting to fulfill our every whim. Jesus is the King of the universe! He is untamable and won't be condensed down to three points on how to get everything you want from God. Oh, that we would get to know the Jesus of the Bible and not the Jesus of our imagination.

Thanks for the reminder.